Day Sea Fishing

Pêche en mer la journée

A full day from sunrise to sunset!

Departure Grau d’Agde at 07.30, a navigation Just 20 minutes to arrive on the fishing grounds. A full day at Sea from sunrise to sunset, you can fully appreciate “Indian Summer” which settles on Agathoise coast as from September.

Fishing is very varied, but mainly bonito that usually come seeking fishermen. Thrill seekers, let yourself be tempted by this fish remains the fastest reaching peaks of 70 to 80 km/h.

The snack is expected but very often we are left all around the same table.

Very friendly atmosphere, memories guaranteed!

Dorade Denti Denti Combat Bonite Bonite Bonite Bonite dans l'eau Sortie de l'eau Retour de pêche Pagre Oblade, mulets, pagres Loups Loups Fin de journée

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